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I've been blessed to be surrounded by creativity and art all my life.  My grandmother was an interior decorator in Chicago where she made fancy drapes for gorgeous homes and was a seamstress extraordinaire. My mom was the envy of the neighborhood because she created art objects of all the beautiful dresses she sewed for me when I was little.  I remember my best friend and I sitting for hours,  drawing and coloring our own paper dolls on her grandma's kitchen table.  In elementary school I loved to draw pretty lady faces and color them with my crayons. In my high school art classes I loved water color, oil painting and ink drawing.  My college art classes proved to be a challenge because I made the mistake of comparing my amateur skills with those of what I considered  "actual artists".  But I'm happy discouragement didn't keep me from trying every art medium known to man!  Painting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilling, beading...you name it, I loved it.

Then one day in 1995, while gazing at the rubber stamp aisle in Michaels,  the lady standing next to me jokingly said "don't even get started."  That proved to be prophetic. I DID get started and the rest is history.  My craft room is full of what some people would say is very organized "hoard" but what I more lovingly call my "stash."  I've found my true artful callings in paper crafting and quilting.  They nourish my soul and have helped me navigate the joys and perils of life.

My most magnificent obsessions  are my wonderful husband of 50+ years and my two amazing thirty something daughters.  No son-in-laws or grandchildren yet, but hope springs eternal. 

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and I volunteer at the local Family History Library, helping people with their genealogy research.  My husband and I own a tax business that keeps us hopping from January through April every year.  The rest of the year we find time to travel to exotic places like China, Egypt, Tahiti, Italy, England, Scandinavia, Nova Scotia, Guatemala, Ireland, Prague and Jamaica, just to name a few.  My husband is a travel addict and I go along for the ride!

So that's me.  I love sharing and learning with all of you.  Our creative community is awesome, isn't it!!!

xo Nancy

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