Friday, January 19, 2018

Pieced Valentine Hearts Wall Hanging - Accuquilt Go Wonky Hearts

👉 "What the heart gives away is never gone ... It is kept in the hearts of others."

- Robin St. John

I had the most fun cutting this fun Wonky Heart pattern on my Accuquilt Go Electric Fabric Cutter.  The pieces are truly wonky and I had to hold my tongue in the right place to make sure everything came out perfectly but I love the results. This YouTube video  has excellent instructions.

I used a Valentine fabric layer cake to get this cute random pieced look. In this case, it was well worth a little extra expense to get to choose from so many darling fabrics.  I tried to pair lights with darks as much as possible, but I wasn't obsessive about it.  I really like the look of the sashing with corner stones and it sure helps keep all the blocks lined up.

I tied everything up with crisp striped binding, my absolute favorite choice for my quilts these days.  I got lots of good practice piecing these hearts and now I'm ready to make some baby and lap quilts for family and friends using some bright sunny fabrics.  Who wouldn't adore cuddling up in a fabulous quilt full of  so much love!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Forget Me Nots Fairy in Copics - Norma Burnell Digi

👉 The practice of art isn't to make a living. It's to make your soul grow.   Kurt Vonnegut

Hmmm.  What do I create for my amazingly talented artist friend for her birthday card this year?  I could be intimidated and frustrated with all my efforts, but, as it happens, I love making cards for her because she is one of my most ardent supporters.  I have presented her with some pretty feeble attempts at art for many years, and she is always gracious and complimentary about every card I give her.  

My daughter with an art degree is the same way.  I think people who create art also appreciate the time and emotion that goes into any art piece. They are the ones who cherish and display our creations with love.  I adore the handmade cards my friends make for me and I save them all. 

I don't get too upset, however, when I think my handmade masterpieces might end up in the trash of some of my less artistically inclined recipients.  They are appreciative but just not as obsessed with the creative process.  Besides, I don't make my cards to be admired...I make them because I admire the person I'm sending them to.  I do have a mental list of "card worthy" friends whom I know cherish and display my cards and they, of course, will get more of them.  (One darling friend has created a banner with them!) And it sure makes me beam with joy when a true artist gives me some props!

I used Copics to color this gorgeous Norma Burnell digi.  The floral background and oval frame are die cuts.  My embellishments are Elizabeth Crafts peel off border stickers and a few pearls for the butterflies.  The finished card measures 5" x 7". So, do you think my friend will like it? 

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Midsummer and Dragonflies Fairy in Copics - Norma Burnell Digi

👉 My favorite age is now.

I reach for this lovely Norma Burnell fairy image time and again to color for a card image because I have such a fascination with dragonflies. I love them not only for their grace and beauty, but also for their symbolism. As I was creating this card for my dear friend who is courageously battling a devastating illness, I remembered an uplifting tale of awakening and rebirth I had read several years ago.  I was surprised and excited to find it again on Pinterest.

This story was read at the funeral of a friend by her 12 year old daughter.
What a soothing reminder of courage, hope and faith.  Perspective is everything!

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