Monday, October 26, 2020

My Shiny New Craft Room - Chillin' in My Happy Place

Crafting your heart out makes room for your soul to grow. 

Hey there,
I'm beyond thrilled to finally unveil my brand spanking new craft room.  It was certainly challenging to pack up my very substantial stash  and move it across hundreds of miles to a different state.  I swear over a third of the boxes came from my craft room. But now that it's done, I'm elated to be surrounded by my familiar panoply of crafting tools and treasures in another peaceful "happy place.".  It took a little inventiveness to fit three rooms worth of paper and fabric supplies into one space the size of my previous craft room, but in the end, everything fits just fine (with a little help from a nice roomy garage). 

I'm so excited that I was able to find a place for my cute secretary cabinet that holds my desk top computer.  I like blogging on a larger computer and find it much easier than my lap top.  I also love the way my  lovely stained glass butterfly looks with the light shining through it from my window. 

My sewing area is a little shorter than before, but in this arrangement I have room to expand it when I need to.  The baskets on top of the shelves are full of ribbons..  They are lighter to take down and more manageable to access than my previous glass jars.  I can easily display my current cards on the shelves below the cabinets and the bottom shelf keeps my Nuvo Drops, Stickles and spray mists close at hand.  I chose to put my Gemini and Cricut Maker on my desk because I use them in almost every paper project I create.  

My Ikea roll out drawers fit under my desk, just as before.  My husband built some shelves in my closet where I have some more drawers with my printer and other supplies.

I hung some fun new artwork (from Home Goods) on my wall next to my favorite sign.  The shelf holds my Pink Panoply card, a picture of Doug and I in Canada on our 50th wedding anniversary, and a fancy beaded nesting doll my daughter brought me from Russia. 

Privacy is very important to the creative process. :)

Yes, please be awesome every day. 

I'll be resuming my creative frenzy as soon as I remember were I have stored everything.

Thanks for visiting.
Go forth and play with your toys, whatever they might me.

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  1. Your room is lovely! What a wonderful collection of dolls!