Saturday, November 25, 2017

Friendsgiving Pie Treat Favors - Cricut Design Studio

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Hi everyone,

When I saw this adorable pie-shaped box with the cute "Friendsgiving" tag in Cricut Design Studio, I knew it would be a perfect treat holder for the ladies in my crafting group.  What I didn't realize until after I cut it was that it was literally sized to fit a piece of pie.  How fun is that!

I knew I couldn't take actual pie to my group, although it would have been an awesome treat. I decided to fill this box with some yummy cookies instead. It's large enough that you could fill it with just about any treat, even a small gift.      


As it turned out, the eight slices I made were just enough to create a legit pie. It made a darling presentation on a large round platter.


I can see making these for so many different occasions. The flowers are relatively neutral, and decorations for any occasion or season could be adapted.  Next time, I'd love to use these with REAL pie!  

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