Saturday, May 6, 2017

Anita Goodesign "Life's a Beach" Wall Hanging - More Blocks

I've been absolutely mesmerized machine embroidering these tropical applique designs for my beach wall hanging. They're so bright and sunny...they make me want to step into those flip flops and build that sand castle!  

I'm using two types of embroidery thread - the Brother thread I received as a Christmas gift when I bought my machine and Isacord, a more expensive but highly recommended thread.  The Brother is shiny and beautiful and I have it in every color, but I have to watch it very closely for breakage and "nests" (which are bunched up clumps of thread which appear on the bottom of my fabric when the top thread isn't feeding properly). The Isacord is heaven to work with! The finish is more mat, but it's strong and sews very evenly with no problems

I use Floriani No Show Mesh cutaway stabilizer because it's soft and sheer and doesn't show through my fabric.  I also fuse Heat and Bond Lite to my appliques and iron them to my fabric during the embroidery process with a small mini iron. This keeps the appliques smooth when the quilt is washed. This time I did it out of habit because this wall hanging probably won't get washed but I like to know that my appliques will stay smooth and secure.

There are a lot of steps to these applique embroidery designs and I know if I mess up, I pretty much have to start over. There's no unpicking those tight stitches!  It takes time, patience and perseverance but I think the results are worth it. I absolutely love this project.  I can't wait to pick out fabric and get started on my next blocks.  Eight more to go. I'm headed to the "beach" but I'll be back.

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