Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anita Goodesign "Life's a Beach" Wall Hanging - Machine Embroidery

Now that the craziness of tax season has subsided,  I finally found some time to start sewing my highly anticipated beach quilt wall hanging. I put some thought into choosing my fabric because I need soft, pastel beachy tones to offset the bright embroidered images.  There are twelve motifs on the Anita Goodesign CD  I will be working from and I divided them into three categories: surf, sand, and foliage.   

I'm not sure what size my quilt will end up but I would like to hang it in my family room in a long rectangular area over my TV.  Each block will be 6 inches square because the largest hoop my Brother PE770 will accommodate is 5 x 7 and I can add an inch when I remove the block from the hoop. I'll decide how big to make my sashings and border after I lay out the squares and see what looks good. It's always a work in progress for me.  

These motifs are applique designs so I get to add pretty fabric to the embroidery to cover large areas. 

After the applique fabrics have been placed and stitched, I stitch the rest of the design like a regular embroidery pattern.

Here's my first block all stitched, trimmed and ready to sew into my quilt.  Only eleven more to go! I'll post them as I finish them.  

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