Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring/Easter Bibs - Better Than Chocolate

What do you give your sweet little snuggle bunny friends when a big chocolate Easter bunny is out of the question?  How about a stylish  Easter bib for their gooey chocolate drool? Guilt free and adorable, yes?

I have sewn these fun and easy bibs in every theme I can fathom. There are loads of  darling machine embroidery applique patterns out there. ( I downloaded these from Etsy.) I'm a quilter so I love picking out coordinating fabrics for the appliques.  Easter colors are so bright and cheery!

The internet has several free baby bib patterns (check out my Quilting for Baby board on Pinterest) or you could just trace one of your favorite bibs.  Here is a really good basic pattern and tutorial.

 I like to piece the front with two different fabrics for a little extra flair. I line them with white flannel and use terry cloth on the back.  I prefer snaps over Velcro because I think they look better and are  just as easy to attach.

You don't need to use machine applique to make these bibs adorable.  There are so many cute fabrics and/or simple appliques out there.  I hope you give it a try!

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