Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tidying Up my Craft Room - Sparking Some Joy in My Happy Place

 The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living in that environment.  
Marie Kondo

Does everything surrounding you in your craft room "spark joy"?  According to the KonMari method of "Tidying Up" that's the question we should be asking ourselves.  I got on this bandwagon recently and the results have been epic. In my modified craft room version, I gathered like items together and looked at each one to determine if I really loved (or needed) it.  The result was a car load of items carted off to Good Will.  It's so liberating to know what I have and be able to easily find it.

Now that my happy place is purged, I decided to take some pictures of my mini makeover. I haven't changed the layout much, but I have made things more efficient. This is the view of my room from outside the hallway shutters.  I love being able to open the shutters and hear what everyone (my hubby) is up to. But they are closed most of the time because I like the solitude and no one is allowed in my magic space without an invitation.  😁

I try to keep my main work area open and clear of clutter, but when I'm actually working I end up with a tiny work space about the size of a postage stamp.  I love the Tim Holtz mat because it is raised and actually helps to define my working space.  The glass surface is also good for working with different mediums.  My lap top is to the left and I can slide my chair around to use it and still have room for my gangly legs.

Copic coloring is my passion and I keep my markers close at all times. It's very convenient to roll this cart back and forth to my work area.  My colored pencils are in the cart also  because I often use them with my copics. Die cuts come in as a close second to my copic obsession, so my Gemini is on my table at the ready.   

Quilting is my other addiction and I spend a lot of time on this side of my room in my sewing area.  All my sewing supplies are in the drawers below my machine and my cherished embroidery machine is to the left. My fabric is stored in another room...or two. Those are ribbon embellishments on the shelf above.  I'll post some of my storage ideas in a future blog.

This sign says it all.    I feel so blessed to have my little creative retreat.

Most of the images I color are beautiful women.  Even when I was very young, my favorite thing to do was draw pretty ladies and color them.  When I was arranging the things that bring me joy in my craft room, I remembered these gorgeous Gene dolls I had tucked away in a chest.  I brought them out so I could admire them and dress them for every season.  They really do make me happy.  And I love my sign that tells everyone who enters my space how lovely they look.  I think it's because my happy place  makes them smile. 

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  1. Wow Nancy, what a great room you have! I just love the strong pops of red. That is so inspiring. Great idea of combining embellishments by color.

  2. Nancy, your craft room with the wonderful reds is just beautiful. I love that big butterfly in the window. Came here from SCS and seeing your awesome IC card today.

    1. I'm honored to have you visit my blog and my craft room, Brenda. It really is my happy place. I love all your beautiful creations on SCS. I consider you a "celebrity" there and I love your beautiful gallery. You are welcome to come visit me here any time! xo

  3. I love your craft room! You're very luck!!!
    Ana isabel

  4. Wow.What a craft room. I am really amazed at how clean it is and how much space you have to work. You are a lucky lady to have such a beautiful space.

  5. You have a beautiful workspace! Love the red and white and most especially that amazing stained glass butterfly! Your projects reflect the peace you find in your special space!

  6. What a fun room! It looks like everything is organized really nicely. Love the red and of course that butterfly.

  7. I too love your Craft Room. Yes the sign is an Inspiration To All.