Thursday, July 8, 2021

Stamplistic Caprice Stamp and Layering Dies - Lacy Paper Butterfly Perfection

Live your life like a butterfly....take a rest sometimes but never forget to fly.  

Hey there,

Look what I've been up to while letting my eyes rest from cataract surgery.  I had my second eye done a couple of days ago so I chose to work on this terrific project that doesn't take as much precision as Copic coloring, but the results are just as rewarding. Apparently, I'm a superstar patient,  with 20/20 vision in both eyes one day after surgery. My doctor referred to me as "awesome" more than once, but the sweet lady next to me in surgery was 90 years old, so I'm thinking my relative "youth" might be a factor.  I'll still need readers, but I'll see much better for my coloring, so I'm really stoked about that.

During my eye-healing downtime, I've been doing tons of organizing in my craft room.  I was elated when I came across a fabulous Stamplistic butterfly stamp and matching dies that I purchased a couple of years ago at Stamp Expo.  I felt so ambitious and productive while stamping, die cutting and assembling these gorgeous lacy embellishments for future cards. I stamped and embossed the large butterfly in gold several times on a variety of papers.  I used the smaller dies to cut wings in graduated layers (including vellum) to create beautiful detail on my butterflies.  I spent a very blissful and therapeutic day after surgery gluing bling to my creations.         

The result is a big bowl of delicious color and texture to pop onto my art when it needs a  jolt of pizzazz...and happy, healing HD peepers.   

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Go forth and lose yourself in your favorite healing pastime. 


  1. Happy Healing indeed! Beautiful butterflies, one and all!

  2. What beautiful butterflies! I am so pleased to read that your eyes are doing well.
    Hugs Monica