Friday, July 2, 2021

Floral Style Succulent Centerpiece _ Handmade By My Resident Florist

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Hey there,

I'm happily, though impatiently, in the middle of cataract eye done and the other one coming up next week.  It's a challenge having my new lens performing at 20/20 and my old lens still creating a blurry haze.  But when all the fuss is over, my sight will be much improved and I'm looking forward to needing only reading glasses for close work. Hallelujah!!! In the meantime, all creativity hasn't halted in our household.  My brilliant hubby, who was a talented florist when I met him, accepted my honey-do challenge to create this gorgeous centerpiece for our dining room table.

I'm not a lover of silk flowers, so when I saw these synthetic succulents artistically arranged in my favorite designer furniture store, I thought they offered a more modern and elegant version of an old favorite.  I have managed to keep several real plants alive in my home, some of them quite humungous, so I think I deserve some greenery that blooms beautifully with only an occasional dusting. And these luscious succulents look right at home in my new Southern Utah dining room. I still crack up over the old Red Green quote, "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”  I lucked out on both counts. 

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  1. I trust all will go well with the second surgery, Nancy. What a beautiful arrangement and we look forward to seeing your masterpieces again.
    Hugs Monica