Thursday, February 23, 2017

Copics with Mo Manning Digital

Are you amused. as I am, that the new popular  "coloring craze" is considered a modern day phenomenon?  Recently psychologists have "discovered" the stress reducing value of quietly coloring an intricately drawn image. Adult coloring books are everywhere.  My friends and I giggle as we sit around the table in art classes coloring like kindergarten kids and try to remember a time when we weren't coloring.  Yes, our tools are varied and infinitely more expensive than that first delicious  box of crayolas,  but we still get the same thrill from making a stark image bright with the vibrant colors of our choosing.  

My Copic markers are my stress-relieving "drug of choice." They take me away like Calgon never could.    Some of my favorite images to color are these darling digital images of children by the exquisite artist, Mo Manning. They remind me of the pictures in the books I used to read to my children and my students when I was a substitute school teacher. Aah, those are some wonderful memories.  I'm glad we can keep some of the most delightful pursuits of our youth. 

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  1. So tickled to connect with you in class! Your blog is a delight - a true expression of your joys. Will check in often and look forward to connecting again soon.

    1. I'm so happy to get to know you, also, Maureen. I'm sure as Sandy "groupies" we'll see each other often in class. I can see that you are a true artist from your amazing blog. I'll check in on you regularly, too.

  2. OMGosh, your colouring seriously rocks my world.