Monday, February 13, 2017

Love Shack

Masculine Valentines (or guy cards of any kind) are almost impossible for me to make.  It's like dressing in a gray and brown outfit and wearing no make up.  I've seen tons of creative cards made for men but I just can't help reaching for the bright colors and bling. My husband teases me because the cards I make for him usually have some sort of truck on them.  At least I try.  So, yeah, I guess this Valentine I made for him is sort of a girly truck.  But it's personal and romantic because we love camping in our motor home.  This is supposed to be a "love shack" so it naturally requires a heart.   The inside says "You make me a happy camper."

I made several of these cute Lori Whitlock svg camper shaped cards in different colors and patterns for my glamper girl friends.  They love bling, so I can knock myself out. 

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  1. Oh how cute is this! I know lots of "campers" who would love this!!

    1. Thanks, Sherri. I just can't get enough of those retro camper images. I just bought some cute camper fabric panels at a quilt show for some pillows in my RV. So cute.