Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Vintage Halloween Cards - Blingy Ephemera

Life won't sparkle unless you do. 

vintage ephemera, glitter glue, gold metallic pen, assorted rhinestones and stickers, craft foam

Every time I walk into a card shop and see a beautiful vintage card with some strategic glitter added I smile.  And then when I look at the price on the back, I gasp!  I always think to myself  "I could easily do that, but where do I find an image like that?"   Pinterest has some, but I'm always worried about copyright issues and I haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for.

I found this amazing shop in Etsy that has the most fabulous vintage images.  I have several others in my collection so I knew I could find some fun Halloween ones to use for cards for my crafting besties.

I gathered some rhinestones, glitter glue and  a gold marker and proceeded to fancy up these cuties.  I glittered the wings with glitter glue which doesn't show up much here but they're sparkliscious in person. 

I wanted to give my cards some dimension so I mounted the back panel on a craft foam sheet.  Some of them are a little wobbly from the wet glue I used, but it just looks like a vampire licked them a little. 

The ones in the store might look a little more elegant because the artist knew when to stop embellishing.  I'll work on that!

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Go forth and embellish your world with glitter!


  1. Great vintage images and you did a good job of adding the sparkle. I love your sense of imagination - "just looks like a vampire licked them a little" lol
    Hugs Monica

  2. Nancy this is such a fun array of vintage creations. Love them all.
    I am also now one of your latest Followers x
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}