Thursday, October 14, 2021

Dollar Store Haul - Glitter Blossom Makeover

Organizing is something you do before you do something, so that when you do it, 
it is not all mixed up.  A.A. Milne

Hey there from Nannyland,

Last week my hubby and I were banished to a nearby hotel while the cracking tile floor in our year-old home was replaced with a beautiful wood grain laminate. We are absolutely thrilled with the results.  However, the process could only be described as tumultuous with appliances, furniture and knickknacks askew in every room and dust flying with reckless abandon.  Of course, we couldn't confine ourselves to our boring hotel room, so we went on a mission of discovery in our fairly new town and did some serious shopping.  I hadn't been in a Dollar Tree since we left California, so I was delighted to see some new items in the craft area.  I excitedly filled my cart with whatever caught my eye because...well, it's a dollar.

I was happy to get back into Nannyland and get busy finding places to store my Dollar Store haul.  I came across some ancient paper flowers and decided to see how my new glitter glue would work at zhuzhing them up.  I expected it to be thinner and less glittery than the more expensive version, but I was delighted to find that a light coat brushed on my flowers gave them a beautiful shimmery sheen.  I bought several sheets of gem trim in various colors and used them as glitzy centers for my flowers. 

A cute container kept my glitter glue and brush out of the way while I painted.  

I bought several of these pretty plastic jars to store my new sparkly flowers on my shelves, along with my other handmade and designer flowers.  They have wider lids and are much lighter than the mason jars I previously used. 

Bright, cheery and functional! 

My smaller flowers are stored in a shallow drawer in my IKEA  Alex unit, which also houses gems, stamp pads and rulers.
I'm so happy to get reaquainted with my old friend, The Dollar Tree.  I never fail to find fabulous treasures there!

Thanks for visiting Nannyland.
I'll just be here blissfully creating until your next visit.  
Nancy (aka Pink Panoply)

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  1. Great haul! The Dollar Tree has really ramped up their craft section and I also love looking. Though with my limited space, I mostly look ;-) well maybe not quite.
    Hugs Monica