Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Anita Goodesign Tropical Quilt - Another Embroidered Block Update

Oh, what fun I'm having machine embroidering appliqued blocks for my tropical quilt. Check out some of the blocks I've already finished in my earlier tropical quilt and tropical quilt 2 blog posts. I've completed nine blocks so far...only four more to go!  I can't wait to start piecing and get this ship sailing.

Then comes the hardest part for me, choosing the shashing and border fabrics.  Help!!! I'm thinking of a light blue fabric with some texture that looks like waves or water. Or maybe a very subdued tropical tone on tone. Or plain, so it won't compete with my bright colored blocks?  I have too many choices in my stash.  I love striped borders, but I'm not sure how stripes will look with a tropical quilt.  Maybe like a striped beach umbrella! That would be cool.

I won't know exactly what my design will be until I get all the blocks done and organize them to see what shape and size my quilt will be.  It's like arranging puzzle pieces.. I'm praying that they'll all fit together perfectly.

I guess part of the excitement is seeing where the process takes me. Speak to me, quilt! 

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